Michigan Friends Center (MFC) in Chelsea, Michigan

Board of Directors for Michigan Friends Center

The Michigan Friends Center is run by a volunteer Board of Directors who dedicate many hours during the year ensuring the success of MFC. They are all interested in hearing ideas and feedback about programs and your experiences at MFC.

Current Board Members


Richard Tucker, Clerk

Richard is a member of Ann Arbor Friends Meeting and a member of the Friends Lake board. He is also a Buddhist meditator, and has spent years in India. He is a long-time activist in the peace and environmental movements, and works to strengthen the ties between the two movements. He teaches global environmental history at the University of Michigan, and his work centers now on the environmental impacts of warfare and military operations, past and present. He is concerned to help build communities that can be sustained into the post-fossil fuel era, and to help Friends Center and Friends Lake contribute to that future.



Marvin Barnes, Assistant Clerk

Marvin is the owner of The Barnes Group a computer consultancy; founded in 1991 specializing in providing client solutions in the areas of networking, storage management, document management, custom software development and project management.    Marvin is the Clerk of the Birmingham Friends Meeting and has held positions on a number of committees that support the work of Quakers nationwide.    Marvin has variety of interest which includes gardening, music, history, athletics and the exploration of space.


Gottfried Brieger, Secretary

Patricia Hopkinson

Stasia Poncher


Philip Stoffregen

Philip Stoffregen is a tax lawyer currently practicing with KPMG Law in Toronto, Canada.  He is a member of the Ann Arbor Friends Meeting and was on the Board of Trustees of Friends School in Detroit.






Patrick Zieske

Patrick earns money by working from home as a computer software developer.  His main interests in life center around sustainability, resilience, and community, with enthusiasm for permaculture principles applied broadly.  As such, he is happy to dedicate time to the Transition Town movement, networks of permaculturists, his church, the Knights of Columbus, local Sylvan Township politics, voluntary simplicity, and various other social/political causes focused on decentralization and human dignity.  Patrick continually works toward developing his own home and property along these lines as well.  He loves our future.


Other Personnel


John Williams, Treasurer

John is a Professor of Physiology and Internal Medicine at the University of Michigan with a research program focused on the exocrine pancreas. He is a member of the Ann Arbor Friends Meeting and has a longtime affiliation with Friends School in Detroit. He has interests in the natural global world, travel, environmental stewardship, and new forms of biomedical publishing.